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Top tips for all people. Locksmith ideas and suggestions to keep the locks strong and the doors well locked.

The right deadbolt

The best deadbolt is one with a security plate and 3-inch long screws that penetrate into the door frame and this should be on the strike side. There should be a 1-inch throw as well. Locksmith contractors in West Hollywood instruct homeowners to install a double cylinder lock with a key inside if the deadbolt is near a window or door.

Keyless entry systems

If you are looking at an advanced home security system, you should invest in a keyless entry system. Here visual and audio indicators confirm the activation of the lockset and if an incorrect code is entered more than three times, the alarm starts ringing. Further, there is an anti-theft rolling code feature and the same code can never be used twice.

Avoid leaving car keys in the vehicle

Leaving the transponder key in the car is easy for the driver but if there are kids in the house, they might attempt driving. If someone manages to break into the house, he might just get into your car and go. So, keep the keys elsewhere.

Domestic security features

There are many ways to secure a large household that is difficult to monitor. Aside from having fortified locks installed, you may also want to have security cameras, alarm systems, and timer switches to improve house safety. Talk to our expert in locksmith services about the perfect security system that will fit your needs exactly.

Locate a safe place for your car keys

Regularly keep your car keys on a special key hook or in your pocket or purse so you can find them readily.

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