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Lockouts require immediate action to save money and time.

The following is a list of questions related to locks and locksmith services. We answer your questions and help you with common issues. Learn how to pick locks and what to do when you are locked out or have significant lock related problems.

Find here answers to your FAQ about lock replacement and repair and how to reinforce security

Is installing my lock hardware advisable?

Majority of products sold in home stores are designed for residential use. However, there are low-end products that can leave you scratching your head. You may pay more for higher quality products but these items will provide you less hassle in installing it and may last longer than inferior ones. They also offer better protection as they are made pick-resistant and deter unauthorized duplication.

What to do when waiting for a locksmith?

Communication is vital in your shaky situation. A car lockout could leave you in an unfamiliar terrain where you are open to unknown dangers. During this time, keep in mind to always turn your mobile phone on. Also, make sure that your phone is not set to divert. Conserve the phone’s energy and spend it wisely. This also applies to home lockouts.

Can all the locks in my home use the same key?

Yes, this is possible. A locksmith can help you with this by coding all of your locks and keys alike. This process is referred to as ‘keyed alike’. If you are interested, you may consult our locksmith experts about this.

Which is the best place for keeping spare keys?

You will benefit from leaving one with a trusted person who lives close to your home. There is practically no key hiding place in your yard or on your patio that thieves would not know about. Besides, people often forget where they have left their spare key.

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