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Best Excuses To Get Out Of Sharing Your Keys With Your Partner

02/01/2014 Back To Blog

Sometimes for some strange reason when we are going out with someone that same person may ask us to prove our affection toward him/her by trusting her/ him with our home keys. When and if these things happen to you, unless you are definitely certain that the person you have in front of you is the person you wish to see in twenty years in that same place, then go ahead and do it. Otherwise you hold on to that key like they were the life raft in the middle of the ocean.Best Excuses To Get Out Of Sharing Your Keys With Your Partner

Ask your locksmith professional about advice

If your partner is insisting on you hanging over the keys of your home, make sure you have a very good  and credible story for them to explain why you cannot give the key away. For some reason sharing a key has become a very important sign of affection in today’s society so if you refuse to give up your key and do not come up with credible explanation it’s like saying “I do not wish to date you any more” to your partner. If that is not what you wish to say then lie about your key. One of very good lies that you may use is how your locksmith is currently inspecting your lock since you were just planning on changing the same. After this you make sure you actually get to your locksmith professional in West Hollywood and get some advice.

What locksmith can do regarding this matter?

Locksmiths cannot do absolutely anything for your relationship status; he is locksmith not cupid. What he can help you with though is the relative info regarding the type of locks you might get or you might claim to your partner you are getting. Do whatever it takes around that door but do not give up the key!

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